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Big Blue is Back !

Loving all the attention that Michigan football is getting after two years of absolute misery. We’ve got to thank Denard Robinson’s explosive plays for it and only hope that he can sustain his form as we go into the tougher half of the schedule.

Some bites from the media:

"The Perfect Fit" (

"The statistics Robinson has collected are like tortilla chips. It’s difficult to consume one and not keep reaching into the bag"

"He is averaging 9.23 yards per rush. Think about that — Robinson is averaging second-and-inches."

"Robinson is on pace to rush for 2,000 yards and pass for 2,000 yards, which would rip the guts right out of the NCAA record book."

"A Front-Row View of ‘The Denard Show’" (ESPN Big Ten Blog)

"To date, the principal image of the 2010 college football season has been a dreadlocked quarterback wearing unlaced cleats and a No. 16 jersey outrunning defenders to the end zone."

"Robinson has put on a show for the nation to see, but 10 of his teammates have the best seats in the (big) house."